Drupal Specialized

Drupal Specialized

Lead Drupal developer with experience in most relevant APIs and modules and dozens of responsive D7 sites.

Drupal Done Right

  • Responsive theming w/ Omega, Adaptive, Zen, etc.
  • Menu Hooks, Views Hooks, Theme Hooks and Custom Templates
  • Render Array Creation/Manipulation
  • Features, Versioning and Patching
  • Acquia Dashboard/Cron/Search
  • Terminal/Command Line Development
  • D6 to D7 Migrations
  • Git Deployment and Continous Integrations

Custom Modules Include

  • Ticketing and Logging Systems
  • Custom APIs (REST, JWT, Swagger)
  • Custom Commerce Gateways and Cart Modules
  • Batch Entity Processing
  • Cron Tasks
  • Advanced Permissions and Content Gating
  • Multistep and AJAX Enabled Forms
  • 3rd Party Integrations
  • HTML Emails
  • Installation Profiles and Scripting
  • External Cache Logic and Integration
  • Custom Drush Commands