Full Stack Development

Experienced in full web application development and deployment(server side, client side, APIs, and third party integrations) capable of producing start to finish web applications from CMS to CSS and everything in-between across multiple platforms.

Front End

Pixel perfect responsive SASS/CSS, Java Script based interactive experiences

Back End

Behind the scenes development, site architecture, integrations, APIs/services, custom admin tools and all things data

Drupal Development

Specializing in clean, easy to administer Drupal builds with responsive themes, custom modules and complex workflows

Server Admin

Unix style command line driven workflows and cloud server administration, Bash and PHP scripts, Git, MySQL, Apache configs and Vim development.


Multiple Drupal Commerce solutions, custom commerce modules, custom payment gateways, user and order management and reporting.

Front End

Modern Client Side Coding Practices In Action

Java Script

  • Custom jQuery plugins
  • JS games and interactive experiences
  • Light boxes, banners, scroll widgets, mega menus, media players, interstitials and all the other essentials
  • Experienced w/ Social Media, YouTube and Google Maps APIs
  • AJAX applications, advanced form validation & more

Responsive Design

  • Mobile first fully responsive layouts
  • Gulp scripting
  • SASS powered collaboration, templatation & gridding
  • Parallax
  • IE compatibility w/ Modernizr, Respond.js, HTML5 Shiv and CSS3Pie

Back End

Data Driven/CMS Specialist

Cross platform server side experience including data exporting and reporting, advanced form development and REST APIs with JWT authorization and Swagger documentation. Principal architect of multiple CMS solutions, familiar with MVC frameworks, MySQL queries and various abstraction layers. Worked with Akamai caching service and Varnish caching layer.  Used to handling deployments and integrations on a heavily scaled global platform.

I am formally trained in Adobe CQ and certified in Sitecore .NET and I have been on dev teams creating high profile web apps on both platforms. Experienced in object oriented patterns, limited experience with Symphony MVC and native iOS

Drupal Specialized

Lead Drupal developer with experience in most relevant APIs and modules and dozens of responsive D7 sites.

Drupal Done Right

  • Responsive theming w/ Omega, Adaptive, Zen, etc.
  • Menu Hooks, Views Hooks, Theme Hooks and Custom Templates
  • Render Array Creation/Manipulation
  • Features, Versioning and Patching
  • Acquia Dashboard/Cron/Search
  • Terminal/Command Line Development
  • D6 to D7 Migrations
  • Git Deployment and Continous Integrations

Custom Modules Include

  • Ticketing and Logging Systems
  • Custom APIs (REST, JWT, Swagger)
  • Custom Commerce Gateways and Cart Modules
  • Batch Entity Processing
  • Cron Tasks
  • Advanced Permissions and Content Gating
  • Multistep and AJAX Enabled Forms
  • 3rd Party Integrations
  • HTML Emails
  • Installation Profiles and Scripting
  • External Cache Logic and Integration
  • Custom Drush Commands

LAMP Administration

Command Line Driven Workflows

Basic dev-ops and systems knowledge w/ command line driven workflows. Familiar with multi-site Apache, mySQL and PHP configuration on Ubuntu, Windows and OSX.

Versed in command line SQL and Git. Accustomed to working with SSH/SCP, Git, and SVN. Able to leverage tools like bundler, drush, ruby, gulp, etc. Experience with cloud server setup and deployment. Bash and PHP scripts for creating and managing databases/users, configuring vhosts, environment based configuration, repository auditing, automated testing and site/theme generation.

Ready to tackle outages from the terminal with nothing but grep and vim.


Drupal Commerce Experience

With multiple Drupal Commerce solutions and modules delivered in recent years the complexities of electronic commerce are well known. Experience includes:

  • Custom payment gateway w/ credit and checking support plus refund/void functionality
  • Cart/profile linkage and checkout registration
  • Order support/ticketing systems
  • 3rd party shipping integrations
  • Variable payments/donations
  • Multiple carts/streams
  • Custom checkout rules
  • Cart widgets
  • Order histories/donation walls,
  • Cataloging w/ Solr & Facets
  • User/order imports and exports
  • Related products
  • Cron fulfillment & recurring orders
  • Metrics and automated reporting.


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