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This is me!

Growing up I never felt like I ever fitted in anywhere. People always called me weird because I talked to everything around me, from cats and dogs to trees and flowers, even cars and tractors on the farm I grew up on.

Over the years of being rejected and made fun of even by my own family, I began to slowly shut down all the imaginative and magical parts of me that people judged and made fun of for being different.
Life became a chore for me as I had bought all the judgment and points of view projected at me from a young age, so I made my life as small as possible just to fit in with the people around me.
I began to abuse Alcohol and started smoking cigarettes at a young age to try and cope with my now limited life and boring reality.
In my early 20’s I was heavily medicated with antidepressants as all the magic in me just disappeared and my life was Grey. I worked at many different types of jobs as I couldn’t find my purpose in life and so the alcohol abuse just got worse as my self-worth kept depleting.
Fast forward to 2019, I had enough of life and began to plan my death. I thought of different ways that I could do it to make it look like a tragic accident. I didn’t want to shame my family, so one day after drinking heavily I jumped into my car and smashed it several times trying to end it all.
When I survived unscathed, something inside me awakened and told me it wasn’t my time yet. I began to seek again only to find Access bars treatments that completely turned my life around. I found my purpose and true passion in life healing and practising, and have spent the last few years learning different healing modalities. I have found that Access consciousness worked best for me and Access bars treatments had me back on my feet and off all medications for the last 17 years.
Access Bars Treatments buncrana
Access Bars Treatments buncrana


“I visited Christopher and received an amazing and very powerful access bars treatments. I felt the energy shift throughout my body. I felt fantastic and so light following my treatment, so much heaviness had been released. I was a new and completely different person leaving Christopher. A total sense of calmness.

I experience a lot of anxiety and feel very stuck in my life. After my session with Christopher I felt an overwhelming sense of calmness, peace and happiness. It was like a huge weight and fog had been lifted from me. I haven’t felt like this in years!!!

I would highly recommend Christopher as a practitioner.. he has a lovely gentle energy, is very gifted and talented he is very supportive and gives you all the tools you need.

If you are feeling stuck in life and want to experience calmness and joy in your life get in touch with Christopher.

I am still buzzin!! I can’t wait until my next session .” wink


Changing others lives with Access Bars Treatment

“Was absolutely amazing, when I first came, I wans’t sure what it was all about, but it has been so inspirational and such a pleasure to work with the ladies here and to learn from Chris.”

– Amanda Doherty

“Done the Access Bars course with Christopher and also got and gave treatments. it was so interesting how it works and the energy that went thru my body. it’s hard to explain but there was definitely healing passing through my body and also the clients as well. Christopher is a pro, very relaxed, and explains everything so well I would highly recommend this Access Bars treatment and the course! It’s powerful! Christopher and Ann-Marie are definitely powerful people with great vibes! Thanks a million, I feel so lifted and clear-headed. 5 stars out of 5.”


“Had my first access bars treatment and it was so powerful! I felt the energy shift throughout my body. I would highly recommend Chris as a practitioner, he has a lovely gentle energy he explained the process well and was very informative.

I slept like a log that night and the next day felt like I had a new lease on life!! Felt self-limiting beliefs shattered and confidence resorted am still buzzing!! Thank you so much! .”


Thank you!! it’s a great day class lots of fun and Access consciousness is creating the world we have all dreamed of, why not be part of it?.”


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